oversized pop art sculpture capsule in maple wood


oversized pop art sculpture of a capsule, carved by hand from solid maple and inspired by post modern art and decor. has a smooth texture and durable finish – 16″ long, 8″ diameter. https://www.wood-database.com/hard-maple/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/votive-vessel/

original primitive minimal figure in ailanthus wood


hand sculpted figure with hands in front of face, carved from solid ailanthus and allowed to naturally spalt, forming black lines and giving some intricacy to the wood. done in a primitive minimalist art style, this piece has exposed hand tool marks and a brutalist feel. this piece can accentuated any interior, whether modern or…

brutalist sculptural pillar decor in hackberry wood


brutalist sculptural pillar inspired by ancient totems and naturally formed rock. this piece of hackberry has been elliptically carved on the the lathe and textured with hand tools to create a distinguished piece of decor. the top is flat with rounded over edges. this piece is raw and without finish, for a closer experience of…

post modern capsule lamp in hackberry wood


this is a solid wood post modern table lamp made from spalted hackberry, part of our capsule line of products. this lamp accentuates any interior, whether modern or rustic. this piece was hand carved; has on/off switch on cord and comes with high efficiency led bulb. this piece is sturdy and solid, with a hard…

primitive minimal carved figure in walnut wood


primitive minimal figure carved from walnut with pedestal, done in a figurative style. a small artful addition to any space. has a protective oil based finish – 13″ tall, 4″ x 4″ pedestal. https://www.wood-database.com/black-walnut/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/sculpted-walnut-object/

primitive totem sculpture in oak wood


primitive totem sculpture carved from a solid piece of oak. inspired by ancient totems with magical properties, this piece will artfully enhance any interior – 20.5″ tall, 6″ diameter. https://www.wood-database.com/red-oak/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/capped-oak-end-table/

midcentury modern style vase in spalted hackberry wood


turned plant vase done in the midcentury modern style. made from spalted hackberry wood: this piece has a nice contrast between the cream colored wood and the black lines of the spalting. has 1″ diameter hole for a glass vial for plants needing water (vial included) – 12″ diameter, 6″ tall. https://shopcommodityfetish.com/sculpted-hackberry-end-table/ https://www.wood-database.com/hackberry/

brutalist chainsawed bowl in pear wood


brutalist chainsawed triangular bowl carved from pear wood and dyed dark red. this piece has exposed hand tool and chainsaw markings. this brutalist style bowl compliments any home with its unique style- 12″ wide, 7″ tall. https://shopcommodityfetish.com/thick-oak-bowl/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/cf-carved-bowl/ https://www.wood-database.com/pear/

primitive minimal votive vessel in maple wood


primitive minimal votive vessel that is suitable for holding something precious or mundane. the large diameter and thick walls on the bowl allow for many possibilities: placing sand within and burning incense, or even just throwing your keys and loose change. this sculpture is protected with a durable wax finish – 35.5″ tall, bowl is…

primitive minimalist sculpture “H” in gum wood


large primitive minimalist wooden sculpture “H”, carved from a solid piece of sweet gum wood. can be used as a pedestal or table. carved in the primitive minimalist style. has a distinctive heavy visual weight, reminiscent of brutalist architecture. its robust structure and austere form are complimented by the unique spalting of the sapwood, which…

pop art floor vase capsule in holly wood


this hand-carved pop art floor vase from the capsule line is crafted from a single piece of holly wood, providing solid, elegant decor. this post modern vase features a 1″ hole with a removable glass vial suitable for water-reliant plants and flowers – 21″ tall, 9″ diameter. https://shopcommodityfetish.com/sculpted-floor-vase/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/sculpted-floor-vase-2/ https://www.wood-database.com/holly/

primitive capped end table in oak wood


primitive carved capped oak end table or stool. this piece features striking black spalting lines that contrast with the white of the oak wood. its primitive style is accentuated by a rough texture with visible tool markings. oil finish – 15″ tall, 9″ diameter. https://shopcommodityfetish.com/primitive-totem-sculpture-oak-wood-interior/ https://shopcommodityfetish.com/sculpted-hackberry-end-table/ https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/

sculpted designer radiator vase in teak wood


sculpted designer radiator vase repurposed from discarded vintage teak, this piece has four small holes for varied floral and plant arrangements. original design and hand built. features a poetic slant to each piece of wood. has a smooth texture and oil based finish – 14″ tall, 12″ wide, 5″ deep. https://www.wood-database.com/teak/

carved dumbbell end table


made from a single piece of wood, this carved dumbbell end table can be used to hold common objects or as a planter. a unique piece, this table has a smooth texture and natural wax finish – 16″ tall, 9″ diameter. https://www.wood-database.com/hard-maple

sculpted totem pedestal


large totem wood pedestal, hand cut from a single sweetgum wood log. created in a primitive style, this piece displays exposed hand tool markings, with natural grain and small cracks. left raw and unfinished – 37.5″ tall, 10″ diameter.

red oak capsule table


part of the capsule line, a table or stool made from red oak. heavy and sturdy, this piece is carved from one solid piece of wood. sculpted in a primitive style, featuring natural sapwood and elegant styling. has a smooth texture and durable finish – 18.5″ tall, 10″ diameter.

sculpted bust pedestal


made from a solid piece of sweetgum wood, this large object has the look of a primitive totem. can be enjoyed by itself or used as a pedestal. has natural spalting and sapwood. has been left with a rough texture but finished with a durable wax finish – 37.5″ tall, 15″ wide, 12″ deep.

sculpted walnut object


original hand carved sculpture from a solid piece of walnut. piece is done in a primitive style with exposed hand tool markings. has semi smooth texture with a durable hard wax finish – 28″ tall, 7″ deep, 13″ wide.

butcher block chair


original designed chair, chainsawed from a single large piece of oak with joined oak legs. left raw and unfinished, this piece is very heavy and sturdy. contrasts well with smooth modern interiors. matching chair can also be purchased.

sculpted hackberry end table


hand carved wooden end table, cut from a solid piece of hackberry. features hackberry’s prominent white wood with black spalt lines. has some natural cracking. has a smooth texture. finished with a durable clear coat – 22.5″ tall, 8″ diameter top.

honey dipper vase


carved honey dipper vase, made from solid piece of sassafras. piece has been left in a raw and unfinished form. original design. piece is meant for dry flowers and plants – 8″ tall.

torch floor vase


original torch sculpted floor vase from solid oak. features hole for a 1″ diameter glass vial (included) for water, but has larger 2″ hole for dry plants and flowers. original design. made from oak with beautiful spalting and work holes. very solid and sturdy. has smooth and durable finish – 26″ tall

stacked floor vase


original designed stacked floor vase, hand carved from solid piece of white oak with spalting and sapwood. has a smooth texture and durable finish, this piece features a 1″ diameter hole for a glass vial (included) to slide in to hold water for fresh flowers and plants. made from sustainably sourced wood. very sturdy piece…

pop art lightbulb


oversized wooden lightbulb, part of the art pop series, carved from a solid piece of maple wood. this decorative piece has a smooth texture and durable finish. has some natural cracking and grain variation – 18″ tall, 9″ diameter

industrial metal wall art


pair of large industrial metal wall pieces – each measures 21″ x 54″

small wooden dry vases


collection of small dry vases ranging in size and species of tree – between 4″ and 10″

drum end table


carved wooden end table, original design. piece has smooth texture and durable finish. hand carved from a solid log, this original piece is a perfect accent to a modern interior – 16″ tall, 8″ diameter

floating concrete mantel/shelf


floating concrete mantel/shelf held in place with a french cleat (included) – 5′ wide, 8″ deep, 5″ tall

custom floating full length mirror


floating full length mirror, made from solid walnut. original design with custom made mirror. attaches to the wall with a double french cleat. smooth texture with durable oil finish. very solid construction – 62.5″ x 22″

carved wooden pedestal


hand carved wooden pedestal from naturally decayed wood. piece is perfectly intact and stable. wood has been heat treated for sterilization. 30″ tall.

hatchet hewn wooden bust


hatchet hewn wooden bust, left raw and unfinished. has rough texture with visible hatchet markings. also has natural spalting and figuring. carved from sweetgum wood – 18″ tall.

hewn benches and end table


solid wood benches and end table set, made as prototypes. original design with unique chainsaw markings and texture. hand tool markings on the seat. one bench is shown with chunky legs, the other with rounded legs. each piece is made from solid beech, the benches having joined beech legs . 17.5″ tall seats.

primitive spalted bowl in oak wood


a primitive spalted bowl in oak that showcases a large amount of spalting, emphasizing the natural beauty of this piece. features thick walls and a heavy visual weight. has some small cracks but bowl is very solid and sturdy – 9″ diameter, 3.5″ tall. https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/

thick brutalist bowl in oak wood


thick brutalist bowl in oak wood. this piece features an extra thick rim and heavy visual appeal. this sculpted piece features light spalting with contrasting black and white, and a beautiful grain – 11′ diameter, 3.5″ tall. https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/

primitive wooden artifact in oak wood

primitive wooden artifact sculpted in homage to paleolithic tools, this piece is carved from solid oak wood. this embodiment of an ancient style of carving compliments any modern interior. oak wood includes natural small bug holes – 5″ wide, 4″ deep, 10″ tall (11.5″ tall on wire holder). wire holder included. https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/

designer aged chair in walnut and oak wood


designer aged chair made from walnut and oak wood, weathered outside for a unique patina. sturdy and solid, this piece has a playful style reminiscent of frank lloyd wright and the geometric shapes of futurism. the form, especially in the seat, plays with the minimum amount of material to perform its role – seat is…

mcm lamps


pair of mcm lamps teak hourglass lamp – 27″ tall to top of harp -$225 mcm walnut lamp – 22.5″ tall to top of harp – $175

spalted carved bowl


turned wooden bowl with lip, made from solid hackberry. features prominent spalting, creating a nice contrast between the natural pale color of the wood and the black lines of the spalt. bowl is very solid and sturdy. original design. – 9″ diameter

carved walnut end table


original carved solid walnut end table. instead of hiding the process of carving, here the process informs the texture and shape, giving this table a patterned exterior. has a durable oil finish – 16.5″ tall, 8″ diameter

minimal walnut coffee table


hand made from solid walnut, the minimal style of this table is reminiscent of those in japan. thus it can also be used with floor seating as a desk or dinner table. smooth texture and durable finish. original design. custom sizes and materials available – 59″ long, 12″ wide, 14.5″ tall.

carved walnut table lamp


table lamp carved from solid piece of walnut. has both smooth and rough texture, with patterned tool markings. sculpted in the modern tradition, this piece has a protective coating of oil finish – 16″ tall base.

turkish anatolian kilim


vintage turkish anatolian kilim – 43.5″ x 62″.

iranian gabbeh rug


vintage wool rug, hand-knotted in iran, likely 1960’s. very think pile – 58″ x 73″.

vintage raoul dufy print


vintage print from 1959, in new frame and glass – 9″ x 12″ (plus frame)

vintage henri matisse print


vintage print from 1959, in new frame and glass – 9″ x 12″ (plus frame)

vintage matisse print


vintage print from 1959, in new frame and glass – 9″ x 12″ (plus frame)

handmade mcm style coffee tables


new handmade solid mahogany coffee tables with breadboard ends. longer table – 52″ long, 20″ wide, 15″ tall – $695 shorter table – 46″ long, 20″ wide, 15″ tall – $595

primitive sculpted barbell table in oak wood

artful sculpted barbell table made from solid oak. hand turned on a lathe. this piece is done in a primitive style that adds artful depth to any living space. this piece is very sturdy and has a durable oil finish. https://shopcommodityfetish.com/totem-sculpture/ https://www.wood-database.com/white-oak/

maple tower end table

carved from a solid piece of maple, this end table is in the brutalist style, with clean lines and minimal ornament. features natural ambrosia in the maple and some cracking, this piece has a smooth texture and durable wax finish. can be used as a stool or a table – 17″ tall, 14.5″ diameter.

primitive oak lamps

pair of original oak table lamps with vintage shades. carved in a primitive style with tool marks becoming the texture, these lamps still embody the imperfect beauty of nature. features natural spalting and bug holes. protected with a natural oil finish.

vintage centurion road bike

vintage road bike by centurion with shimano components in excellent condition. could use new tires. 27″ wheels, 28.5″ tall top tube, 19″ from crankshaft to top tube, 20″ from seat post to fork.

carved kneeling figure

small kneeling figure, carved from a solid piece of american walnut. done in a quasi primitive style, with both smooth and rough texture, some of the hand tool marks have been left for emphasis – 6″ tall.

herman miller milcare carts

piece on the left has sold. herman miller milcare carts in like new condition from the 1970’s. these were used in a clinic here in richmond – 22.5″ wide, 20″ deep, 36.5″ tall.

danish teak tambour sideboard

danish teak sideboard, possibly by dyrlund, with tambour doors, two adjustable shelves, on hairpin legs. in excellent condition with some wear to the top – 48″ wide, 19.5″ deep, 37″ tall.

skovby teak cabinet

danish teak cabinet by skovby on hairpin legs in like new condition: three glass doors, five adjustable glass shelves, and interior lights – 58″ long, 15″ deep, 47″ tall.

stickley loveseat

amish made stickley loveseat, with solid quarter sawn oak frame, and upholstery that looks like it was never sat on. i definitely get frank lloyd wright vibes from this one – 67.5″ wide, 36.5″ deep, 18″ tall seat.

teak desk and drawers

teak desk on castors with set of drawers on castors – desk is 51″ wide, 18″ deep, 26″ tall; drawers are 20″ wide, 24″ deep, 26″ tall.

danish teak bar cart

danish teak bar cart with sliding top that exposes hidden storage. missing a thin drawer that was originally present – 27.5″ long, 19.5″ wide, 22″ tall.

danish teak desk

danish teak desk in excellent condition; only flaw is some wrinkling in the veneer on the top drawer – 43″ wide, 24″ deep, 29″ tall.

walnut partner’s desk by lovig

lovig partner’s desk in a less common walnut. desk is in excellent condition with the organizer portion able to fold down to enlarge the surface area – 64″ long, 29″ wide (38″ with top folded down), 29″ tall.

full size teak bar

danish modern teak full size bar with tambour doors and adjustable shelf. top of bar is perfect serving height – 54″ long, 27″ deep, 41.5″ tall.

cesca chair set

set of four cesca chairs, three with arms and one without. two are marked “made in italy”. only light wear and lots of life left in the seats.

vintage wool afghan rug

what i believe is an 80’s era afghan rug, as it reminds me of the soviet war rugs, only with cars on it instead of tanks. a very unique rug with tiny wear spots appropriate for its age; wool, hand knotted – 56″ x 36″.

bose 501 series ii speakers

the bose 501 series ii. made between 1977-1980, these speakers feature bose’s reflecting acoustic technology: in each piece one speaker points forward and two backwards, reflecting off the walls and creating a fuller sound within a room. these have been tested and sound so good. original owner’s manual is available online – 14.5″ x 14.5″,…

eastlake mirror

hand carved eastlake tilting mirror in excellent condition. has attachments to be mounted to a dresser or vanity; i can add hardware to hang – 42″ tall, 36″ wide.

swedish walnut roll top desk

swedish roll top desk designed by egon ostergaard for svensk mobelindustri. this is the less common walnut version. top shelf slides out for a writing surface – 35.5″ wide, 18″ deep, 38″ tall.

milo baughman swiveling brass etagere

coolest etagere ever? quite possibly. milo baughman swiveling brass and smoked glass etagere, circa 1960’s. in excellent condition, with appropriate wear to brass for its age (see photo). missing glass for very bottom but can be supplied at cost. this piece comes apart and swiveling arms can be rearranged – 61″ tall, large shelves are…

rud thygesesn and johnny sorensen executive desk

refinished executive desk designed by rud thygesen and johnny sorensen for magnus olesen, circa 1960’s. absolutely incredible to look at. lots of solid oak and beech on this piece. drawers come out and can function as a table 69″ wide, 35.5″ deep, 29″ tall.

refinished gerhard berg teak lounge chair for westnofa

very excited about this one. gerhard berg solid teak lounge chair for westnofa, circa 1960’s, refinished. comes with original wool cushions in like new condition; the fact that they have have a mauve textured fabric is amazing. i did what i call a minimal refinish on this one: i lightly sanded down the frame and…

danish modern teak expanding desk

expanding danish teak desk/record cabinet/credenza/whatever you want it to be. in like new condition – lower portion: 48.5″ long, 19″ deep, 18″ tall; upper portion 48.5″ long, 19″ deep, 23.5″ tall.

vintage this end up couch

a very unique 1970’s this end up couch with rattan. everything – the frame, the rattan, the cushions – are in excellent condition. cushions have just been sanitized and washed – 76.5″ long, 32″ deep, seat is 17′ tall.

danish teak drafting desk

mobile danish teak drafting desk by nordisk angels eksport in excellent condition. top has adjustable tilt, and can slide out quite a bit as well. two shelves underneath with finished back – 35″ wide, 23.5″ deep, 27″ tall.

ekornes leather sofa

vintage solid teak and leather ekornes sofa from the 1980’s in good condition: some minimal wear to seat. freshly cleaned and conditioned – 7′ long, seat is 21.5″ deep, 17″ tall.

rattan furniture set with custom upholstery

a full rattan furniture set, including two lounge chairs, a loveseat, and two side tables. price includes box cushions made in your choice of fabric (you provide 7 yards of fabric). lounge chairs are 28.5″ wide, seat is 15″ tall (with cushion); loveseat is 50.5″ wide; tables are 24″ long, 12″ wide, 22″ tall.

sleigh bed

refinished lounge chair made of solid walnut, with newly upholstered cushions. seat: 22.5″ wide, 20″ deep, 16.5″ tall; back: 37″ tall.

spalted pecan slatted coffee table

slatted coffee table made from solid slats of spalted pecan. pecan is a very hard and durable wood, and the natural black lines of spalting present would make it a focal point in a variety of living spaces. table is made as an homage to mid century modern designs, especially those of george nelson –…

teak display cabinet

three doored display cabinet with three compartments and a total of five adjustable glass shelves – 58″ wide, 15″ deep, 55.5″ tall, on 16″ legs

lucite desk and danish chair

some desks are more glamorous than others. lucite desk with gold frame 41.5″ long, 15″ deep, 28.5″ tall black danish wooden chair freshly painted – 16.5″ wide, 16″ deep, 17″ tall (seat)