honey dipper vase


carved honey dipper vase, made from solid piece of sassafras. piece has been left in a raw and unfinished form. original design. piece is meant for dry flowers and plants – 8″ tall.

torch floor vase


original torch sculpted floor vase from solid oak. features hole for a 1″ diameter glass vial (included) for water, but has larger 2″ hole for dry plants and flowers. original design. made from oak with beautiful spalting and work holes. very solid and sturdy. has smooth and durable finish – 26″ tall

stacked floor vase


original designed stacked floor vase, hand carved from solid piece of white oak with spalting and sapwood. has a smooth texture and durable finish, this piece features a 1″ diameter hole for a glass vial (included) to slide in to hold water for fresh flowers and plants. made from sustainably sourced wood. very sturdy piece…

pop art lightbulb


oversized wooden lightbulb, part of the art pop series, carved from a solid piece of maple wood. this decorative piece has a smooth texture and durable finish. has some natural cracking and grain variation – 18″ tall, 9″ diameter

drum end table


carved wooden end table, original design. piece has smooth texture and durable finish. hand carved from a solid log, this original piece is a perfect accent to a modern interior – 16″ tall, 8″ diameter

carved walnut table lamp


table lamp carved from solid piece of walnut. has both smooth and rough texture, with patterned tool markings. sculpted in the modern tradition, this piece has a protective coating of oil finish – 16″ tall base.